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2019 Winter Leagues


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(Updated May 4, 2018)

League Rules
(Revised September 14, 2017)

League Formats
(Updated May 4, 2018)

Summer Showdown Games
(Updated May 4, 2018)

Current Leagues: 2018-19 Fall/Winter Session


Cheviot/Westside Lower

Cheviot Upper (Winter)

Harrison Traveling League

Eli’s Ross In-House

Sloopy’s In-House


Cheviot/Westside Traveling (Winter)

Colerain Traveling

Hybrid League

Jackie’s In-House League


Wednesday Trios Remote

Club Trio In-House

Moose 36 In-House


Amvets Fairfield In-House

Eli’s Ross In-House

Jocko’s In-House


Sloopy’s In-House


Hamilton Traveling Club

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Open Team Remote

Previous Sessions

2018 Fall Session

Harrison – Stats

Monday Cheviot Upper – Stats

Sunday Team Remote – Stats

Tuesday Cheviot – Stats


Eli’s Mason In-House – Stats

Eli’s Ross In-House – Stats

Hamilton Traveling Club – Stats

Jocko’s In-House – Stats

Moose 36 In-House – Stats

Shamrock’s In-House – Stats

2018 Summer Session

Harrison Traveling – Stats

Monday Doubles Remote – Stats

Tuesday Trio Remote – Stats

Wednesday Trios Remote – Stats

Thursday Doubles Remote – Stats


Eli’s Ross In-House – Stats

Jocko’s In-House League – Stats

Shamrock In-House – Stats

2018 Winter Session

Bucketheads In-House – Stats

Central Turners In-House – Stats

Cheviot Lower/Middle Traveling (2 Divisions) – Stats

Club Trio In-House – Stats

Colerain Lower/Middle Traveling – Stats

Eli’s Ross In-House  (Spring) – Stats

Eli’s Mason In-House (Summer) – Stats

Kahoots In-House – Stats

Hamilton Club Traveling – Stats

Harrison Traveling (Winter) – Stats

Monday Cheviot Only Traveling – Stats

Monday Westside Traveling (Winter) – Stats

Moose 36 In-House (Winter) – Stats

Moose 36 In-House (Spring) – Stats

Sloopy’s In-House (Monday) – Stats

Sloopy’s In-house (Friday) – Stats

Stump’s In-House – Stats

Sunday Open Team Remote – Stats

Thursday Doubles Remote (Winter) – Stats

Tuesday Upper Hybrid (Winter) – Stats

Wednesday Trios Remote (Winter)– Stats

2017 Fall Session

Amvets Fairfield In-House – Stats

Bucketheads In-House – Stats

Central Turners In-House – Stats

Colerain Lower/Middle – Stats

Club Trio In-House – Stats

Eli’s In-House League – Stats

Hamilton Club League – Stats

Harrison Traveling League – Stats

Kahoots In-House League (Thursday) – Stats

Monday Cheviot Lower – Stats

Monday Cheviot Middle – Stats

Monday Cheviot Upper – Stats

Open Trios All-Cricket Remote – Stats

Stump’s In-House – Stats

Sunday Remote – Stats

Tuesday Cheviot Lower – Stats

Tuesday Cheviot Upper – Stats

Tuesday Doubles Remote – Stats

Wednesday Moose 36 In-House (Fall) – Stats

Wednesday Trios Remote – Stats